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Free-to-use VPN tool for mobile

The app فیلتر شکن جدید و قویفیلتر شکن قوی و پرسرعت رایگان, also known as New Strong High-Speed Filter Breaker, is a free utility that lets you bypass internet restrictions based on geographical location. This simple virtual private network (VPN) app only requires the user to click the switch at the center.

فیلتر شکن جدید و قویفیلتر شکن قوی و پرسرعت رایگان comes with no configurations and no choosing of servers, just an instant connection to an Alpha VPN server. This is an alternative to VPN Proxy Master or Thunder VPN for users looking to browse anonymously without much hassle.

As simple as it gets for web proxy apps

The first thing to note about فیلتر شکن جدید و قویفیلتر شکن قوی و پرسرعت رایگان is that it’s one of the most straightforward VPN tools available. It connects you to an anonymous server in the Alpha VPN network, another provider of free virtual private networks. While it certainly is convenient, it comes at the cost of customizability. You can’t choose servers or even the location of your proxy server.

This makes the app quite unpredictable in terms of bypassing geographical restrictions. For example, you’re watching Netflix from a proxy browser in Europe. The next time you connect, you might be in another region, which also changes the available content. Apart from the main switch, the only features in the app are a share button as well as a status indicator of whether you’re connected or not.

With an app this minimal in its execution, expect it to have an equally minimal storage requirement of only 5.74 MB. Also, as a free-to-use VPN with no advanced features, expect a lot of ads from this app. After the initial setup, a full-screen app can be expected every time you open this program. Additionally, there are also instances where connecting to a server takes longer than usual.

Delivers the bare minimum

If you’re not that particular with your VPN, then یلتر شکن جدید و قویفیلتر شکن قوی و پرسرعت رایگان should suffice. It’s as simple as clicking a single button and waiting for your VPN connection. It works most of the time. Also, since it doesn’t charge you for its services, expect frequent ads in exchange. There are other apps that deliver the same anonymity, but with added customization for users.


  • Small file size
  • Easy to use


  • Has too much ads
  • You can't choose servers
  • Intermittent cases of difficulty connecting to VPN

Program available in other languages

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